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Many Customers contact me through website Read More. Following are reasons of having website: Website plays a role of a medium through which you could tell people about your work or service By having website people will consider you as a credible astrologer It is the best way to promote your business and making money Through web site you could keep people aware and informed about your services Your business service website you could be easily accessible by people.

With the help of website you could get more and more customers Good website you could beat the completion by converting visitors into your potential customer. Rohit Shinde 24 Aug Great Post I want to grow my business through digital marketing services. Preety Kaur 27 Aug great Aman Verma 08 Sep You really designed best website for me.

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Subscribe For Digital Growth! Popular posts. To get your own domain name, you simply go to a web site that provides the service of giving domain names. There are many of these websites to choose from and they all provide a similar service. A web site that I have used to register a domain name that is "get" a domain name is www. You can also do a search on the Internet for other websites that provide this service to see if you can find a better price for registering your domain name.

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You can also get a discount if you pay for more than one year at one time. Feel free to ask about this when you register your domain name. Once you have your domain name, notify your ISP provider. You can then ask your ISP server to create a unique e-mail address for you. For example, if your domain is "silver.

Business Ethics. As the business owner, you must be honest and honorable for the company to succeed. Ensure that your company displays good character in dealing with your customers. An honorable business will gain respect and loyalty from its customers, and loyalty from workers. Every effort should be made to maintain honesty, have integrity, demonstrate reliability, and act responsibly.

These are the keys to success in running a good business. The most successful businesses are consistent. Make sure that you have enough savings every month to pay all of your monthly bills. This savings must come from your business profit. Do not get a loan to pay your monthly bills. If you have a full time job not in astrology and yet you want to have an astrology business, you can start the astrology business part time.

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Start small. You can still keep your full time job and at the same time have a side astrology business. This way, you still have a permanent income coming in your household.

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When your astrology business starts to grow, you can slowly spend less time to your full time job until your own astrology business can fully support your family. Many failures in businesses of all kinds come from taking unnecessary risks. You must be willing to work very hard if you want to be self-employed or the proprietor of a business.

You need to take some risks, but only ones that you can recover from if you fail, not risks that will destroy your business entirely if you fail. Taxes: This is very Important. Remember to allocate funds to pay taxes! When first starting a business, some people overlook the taxes that must be paid. Social security tax in the USA for employees is double the tax for self-employed people because you pay both the employer share and employee share that you have withheld from pay checks.

Pay all of the required taxes. Breaking the law is NOT a good idea! By operating completely legally and ethically you build a confidence and inner power within your business that is more valuable than the money saved by evading regulations. Do not become disheartened by government regulations and requirements.

Tangible property taxes, zoning requirements, restrictions on how you can conduct your business, required paper work, perhaps the need to hire an accountant or other professional services, higher prices that businesses pay for telephone services and other services, etc. Some people are surprised to find out that there may be lots of obstacles to starting or expanding a business. Some regulations may not be fair or reasonable but it is better to fulfill the requirements than waste energy trying to change the system.

In time you will find the resources to manage all of these affairs.. Always ask the correct authority about the appropriate procedures to follow when you are making changes to your business such as change of location, change of ownership, change of status from sole proprietorship to a corporation, etc.

I hope that the above information is useful to you. Feel free to e-mail me with questions that you might have at kepler astrosoftware. Go back to Article Page. Updated Friday, August 1, You can visualize the kinds of clients that will benefit from your services and the setting in which they will be comfortable during consultations. You may do this while at the same time keeping your current full time job. Be knowledgeable in your business.

This should be obvious but people do not always do this. For example, a friend of mine in the past several years has become very successful in the restaurant business. She opened a restaurant and now has several successful branches. This level of success in the restaurant business is very unusual. Although she had thoroughly studied different recipes and had a clear plan, she also worked in similar restaurants before starting her own.

That is very thorough research and preparation that few people take the time to do! Business Mission, Concept, and Vision. Whether you are starting a new company or improving an existing one, it is important to have a business mission, concept, and vision. You need to define the purpose or mission of your business. For example: a If you are an astrologer and are very good at it, you may think of having an astrological counseling business. After defining what your mission will be, you will realize that there are additional things you need to fulfill your specific mission.

You may need to learn the details of how to implement your mission. Gather as much information as you can before you start.

In starting any business, you must have knowledge and expertise before you get yourself into it. The second thing to prepare is a list of the physical assets that are required, such as a computer, office, office equipment, telephone, web site, advertising budget, etc. The third factor necessary to fulfilling your specific mission is the location where are you going to operate your business.

Pick a location that allows you to meet the professional standards that are appropriate for your mission. NOTE: Make sure that you have whatever licenses may be required in your area to conduct your business. You may contact your city's business license office for details before advertising your business.

Different towns have different rules, so it is best to find the rules and regulations in your area. Business licenses are usually not very expensive. You do not need a lawyer in order to start a business. Simply ask the local officials for details on how you can start your own business. They will be more than happy to assist you as long as you ask specific questions. Be pleasant when you ask questions to get the answer that you need.

Be patient! You may need to make repeated calls or visit the office in person. Aim for a vision that you can attain comfortably. Avoid getting a huge loan to start with. Most people succeed by starting small and growing slowly. Be resourceful and creative. For example: You may think you have no assets at all, but look around carefully.

Astrology Business Card Designs

You may, for example, have the enthusiastic support of a few friends and family members. You may be able to figure out a way to start your business from your home. Don't be afraid to extend yourself a little to get the business moving. For example, if you are an astrologer and good at it and want to be successful in helping people, then offer a free reading to your friends or a free lecture to a community group.

If you are good, your friends will spread the news. Starting this way does not cost anything but your own time and energy. Some people who are struggling to get their business to a successful level become almost fanatically concerned about getting paid for any services they perform. They feel that "they are worth it" and that they must be paid handsomely for others to appreciate their service. While this is true in general, most successful professionals also donate services regularly in appropriate situations.