Atal bihari vajpayee horoscope

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Vajpayee, Atal Bihari

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Gender : M. Accuracy in question. In the case of Atal Behari Vajpai he has himself passed on different birth details himself is what I know. In it was , in it was and somewhere between these two years it was It is what politicians collected and gave me.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee Horoscope

Now remember this Madan who claimed to have given great and correct predictions but with Tula lagna. Jha has done. I got the birth details from someone in Gwalior and found that Vrischika lagna twenty one degrees showed his education in political science and some other events. In his school certificate the date mentioned is 25 December His father had got it done because the boy would be able to do a job for two more years. Importance of the verification of bio facts : I warn students that they should not proceed to work on any horoscope before verifying what I call the bio facts which means those indisputable facts without which accepting a horoscope is stupidity.

Which horoscope of Atalji shows seven siblings? He has an elder sister, Vimala is elder and Kamla and Urmila and it is not known whether they are elder or younger p43 of the book. Atalji had two elder brothers, Avadh Behari, Prem Bihari and three sisters.

Which horoscope shows his education in political science? To illustrate with a wrong horoscope a so called research based on no verification of bio facts is an escapist approach dumping astrology into the abyss of ignorance. It is what is happening in the books on astrology now coming out and in the articles written for journals.

Prime Minister of India Dwisaptati sama dasha: He became the prime minister in Mars mahadasha which is the tenth lord of the dashamansha and in the fifth house in the birth horoscope and in the antardasha of Sun which is the tenth lord of the birth horoscope and the position giving seventh lord in the dashamansha. Earlier in Sun-Mars he had become the minister of foreign affairs in the government in the cabinet of Morarji Desai in March Vimshottari mahadasha : In Rahu Sun he became the prime minister of India in Earlier in when he became a minister it was the dasha of Mars-Rahu.

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Vedic Astrology Article: Atal Behari Vajpai - How many horoscopes

And here Rahu in the ninth house gave him the portfolio of a foreign minister. This is how horoscopes are to be verified as I have stated in my instructions to students at the beginning of this article. Karakamsha The horoscope of Atalji can be analyzed through the techniques discussed in the previous pieces in this series. Here only see that if the Karakamsha is put in Kumbha in the birth horoscope, you see in the ninth house Amk, Saturn, exalted in Tula giving him world fame and hight position.

And then there is an excellent eleventh house with Jupiter, Mercury and Sun from here.

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The AK comes under the influence of Venus and he is a poet. From KL Moon and Venus in the tenth house showed that appealing charmer which he had been for masses when he addressed public meetings. For those who claim to read the future, judging two close runners carries more risk than predicting the success or failure of the incumbent. Comparison brings its own complexities. If Sonia has a few raja yogas the aces of planetary combinations on her natal chart, so has Vajpayee. Whose aces will prevail? Besides, there is the balance of the malefic combinations to be weighed.

Both Sonia and Vajpayee have Saturn, the cruel overlord of the planetary system, in their ascendants or the position on the zodiac indicating the point at birth. And so had Hitler.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee

The point is, what is the relative evil of Saturn in these places? In Sonia Gandhi's Horoscope, cancer sign rises in the ascendant and Jupiter, the benefic planet, squares with it.

That's a powerful feature, which had influenced her marriage to the Gandhi family.