Cancer man cancer woman compatibility

If not, you may encounter a barnacle-encrusted relic of former glory days who fears progress and change.

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman – Love, Sex, Friendship Compatibility

When in love, the Cancer man is a dedicated lover. He can come off as the ultimate Prince Charming, making extravagant professions of adoration and writing flowery love letters to court you. But, once comfortably ensconced in a committed relationship, the connection can become more cozy than steamy. Cooking you dinner and settling in for a night of Netflix may become more his habit than hot bedroom action so that chemistry needs to be stoked, and intimacy kept vibrant with lots of touch and the willingness to always go deeper.

Men born under the sign of the Crab can be more attached to a romantic ideal than to reality — so the man you meet online or long-distance may be very different than the one you get to know. Are you compatible with your Cancer man? Find out here. Cancers can be incredibly possessive and jealous — always fearing that what they have will be taken from them or slip away.

Cancerian men are natural homebodies, deeply attached to their personal space, which they like to feel cushy and comfy, with a deep, soft sofa to lounge around on. Once at home, a Cancer man wants to feel at ease and completely unwind, usually while wearing sweatpants or a robe. Even though smoking jackets and slippers have fallen out of style, you might see a Cancer man rocking this look while sitting in his big cozy chair near the fire. Usually excellent cooks, Cancer men prefer eating at home to going out, delighting in simple repast and filling comfort foods like soups and stews.

There may be times when some kind of uncertainties prevail in the Cancer relationship and result in some sensitive tears for both. They should try to avoid any kind of secrecy in their relationship to maintain the trust.

And since they know each other well, they usually cope up with the bad days to bring the laughter and security back to each other. These two same signs are very attracted to each other. Very good looking male and female with the same good heart. But, sometimes it takes sparks which one will have to provide. If the two ignites at first sight. They will have a long lasting charismatic flame.

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Same birthdate…very rare i think. But neat. And also we have a little one. I think relationships is the hardest hurdle in life.

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman: Love Compatibility?

But very blessed to have him. I was Ek is verlief op n cancer man en ek is n cancer girl…ons het al 3 jaar wat ons saam tyd spandeer en ek het lief vur hom geword… hy is als wat ek wil he… maar hy is getroud. We still work at the same building. We ended up talking more, we were hanging out, and we have so much in common. I feel so happy with him. And he makes me laugh! We are taking it slow but it sure feels good;D. I a Cancer woman and a guy who I went to school with finally told me that He has always had a thing for me.

But he didnt think I was interested. Without knowing that it was always something about him that was in my heart. Long story Short.

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  4. He is a Cancer Man and its like instant love etc. Im in love with me!!! Been dating about a year , both are cancers. She married a cancer but divorce in five years later. I just wondering if she could fall in love with another cancer.

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    I am older at 73 she Both has homes separate by 22 miles apart. She likes her space too. My babe Is July 8 im the 18th.

    Cancer man dating an aries woman – Silvermines Historical Society

    Im older than him, but he treats me like no other. This is my second cancer relationship and honestly June cancers are a little harsher and self absorbed. And I found him. Good luck guys. My cancer man and I, 18th and 20th, waited 10 years to be together. He started drugs and then another woman who provided the drugs 10 years younger.

    He violated his probation and now serving jail time. He is the love of my life and I have not gotten over him yet. A tragedy occurred, my heart is broken. I have met a Cancer man; we have not been out on a date yet, because he works a lot. We did go to the park and he was such a gentlemen. He did tell me that he like me and wanted me to know that. I praying that all will go well between us.. I am a cancer woman July 14 dating a cancer man July What they say about cancer compatibility is so true, my cancer man showers me with sweet texts,compliments, and is the sweetest man I have ever dated.

    In fact we share the same birth date. Cause 16 years is how long ive been in mine, I too am a cancer woman with cancer man with the same birthdate. I was dating a cancer man for a month and he told me he was in love with me and obsessed! He had gotten us a place for the 1st of March and said he could see us together forever.

    Understanding the Cancer Man and Cancer Woman

    She decided she now wants to be with him probably not for long and he went back to her. I love and adore my Cancer man. No one has ever had my back like him. She is 5he greatest thing that ever happened to me. I would give it back I even wish we could be bury in the same casket.

    Love Compatibility Between a Cancer Man – Cancer Woman

    If she passes on first I will lose all will to live. She is the love of my life The light of our marriage and Even the light at the end of the tunnel. With just one creator in my heart she stands beside the creator! I always felt it was something wrong with me because time and time i think alot about my future and the dream man.

    Recently i connect with a Cancer who i didnt realize was a cancer until some time now DONT JUDGE ME me and him have real conversations and its not always about sex its serious real life conversation and at times i have to ask my self is he in my head but this cancer is a little diffrent. He looks like the Instagram famous type of men, with women throwing there self at him, and little old me is a beautiful girl but im not Angelina Jolie or Nicki Minaj.

    Our relationship dont feel steady and its not even a relationship, basically hes my partner Emotionally but i want it to be Phisically i really adore him.