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Predictive Texts Like Bhaiyyu Maharaj, the most sought-after astrologers are those who have acquired, through word of mouth, a reputation for accuracy. Vasundara Raje Scindia, for instance, consults Jaipur-based pundit Kedar Sharma who has apparently predicted that she will be prime minister one day.

Very superstitious, writings on the wall for Narendra Modi and parivar

She also visits a visually impaired astrologer based in Jodhpur called Preeti. Where he goes and who he meets is apparently determined by a day-to-day reading of the celestial bodies. If Trivedi rules a particular date is inauspicious for a program, it is promptly cancelled. The young university professor and pundit, well-read and able to converse on any subject from management practices to quantum physics, is also BJP spokesperson and a member of the party's campaign committee chaired by Amit Shah.

That is left to his aides and cabinet colleagues. Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh goes to Prem Sharma, a retired government servant and well known jyotshi soothsayer for a peek into the future. Among the most superstitious of politicians is Lalu Prasad Yadav, whose home in Patna is currently a stomping ground for astrologers and seers, all of whom promise electoral success. While on tour, Yadav rarely fails to pay his respects at the local temple or ashram and seek the blessings of the resident godmen.

Recently, Yadav had the swimming pool at his home filled up with mud and sand on the advice of a vaastu shastra expert, who said it was a source of negative energy to which the RJD's ills could be attributed. Yadav is also a staunch devotee of Vibhuti Narayan, better known as Pagla Baba.

You Don’t Believe In Politicians. Ever Wondered What Politicians Believe In?

He believes the guru, based at an ashram in Uttar Pradesh's Mirzapur, helped him become chief minister in By all descriptions it sounds like a regular yagya around a fire accompanied by the chanting of mantras. At the conclusion of the puja, sackfuls of money were thrown in the air. Direct To Home Many politicians like to visit their favorite deities or conduct pujas before elections. Scindia unfailingly pays obeisance at the Pitambara Shaktipeeth in Datia, Madhya Pradesh, on the eve of polling.

The head priest of the shrine, Rawatpura Sarkar, is said to be politically influential — many of the politicians who pay their respects at the shrine before polls seek both temporal and divine intercession. Scindia's other favorite shrine is the Tripura Sundari Maa temple in Banswara.

Her predecessor, Ashok Gehlot, holds a havan at his home before polling while his chief rival in the party, CP Joshi, visits the Nathdwara temple near Udaipur. Virbhadra Singh visits his family deity, Bhima Kali. Ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, Scindia recently instructed the state government's Devasthan department to conduct mass prayers in selected places of worship including churches, gurudwaras and mosques.

Stay with the winning formula of course.

Rajmantra with Pandit Rajkumar Sharma - Astrology - Predictions - Rashi Bhavishya

It was to the year old seer he turned during his 'vanvaas' exile from the BJP. He also visits the Rajarajeshwara temple in Kerala's Kannur district and is also close to Raghaveshwara Bharathi, Shankaracharya of Shimoga — from where he is contesting elections. She is in constant touch with her guru Vishwesha Teerath, also known as the Pejavar Swami who counted controversial businesswoman Niira Radia among his followers.

When she was sworn in as Chief Minister back in , she made sure he was accorded pride of place.

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Or so Marandi's associates have it. Tewari was appointed special representative of the Jharkhand government in Delhi, but when Marandi refused to oblige him further by according him Cabinet status, his relations with Advani deteriorated. Eventually, he quit the party. The truth is that politics makes you twitchy. Pretty much anything can make you twitchy.

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Even whole towns. Mulayam Singh Yadav is said to have learnt from their mistake and steered clear of the district during his tenure. Mayawati slipped, but only at the end of her term — after which she immediately lost the Assembly elections. Perhaps only the heavens know if any party leader will visit Noida this year. Bhavdeep Kang has been a journalist for 27 years. Today, she writes on politics, agriculture and food policy. Follow her bhavkang.


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News Home. Follow us. Bhavdeep Kang. Grist Media 9 April These astro portraits go a long way in retaining the interest of both the astrologer and the layman for the former reads these pieces for learning the astrological techniques and the latter reads them for reliving the history they lived in. The main aim of writing this book is to show the solidity of India's astrological tradition, excellence of its synthetic craftsmanship and the profound artistry of astrological predictions.

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