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These responsive, anxious kids are also more restless than most, and may be misdiagnosed as having ADD. Explore unconventional paths for their education before you race out to fill a prescription for Ritalin.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope by The AstroTwins | Astrostyle

Call them on their white lies. These cunning kids know how manipulate with words. Teach them the power of their words and encourage them to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Get the Horoscope Guide! The Gemini Child. Note: they prefer to be with kids close to their own age, so get them into preschool and playgroups as early as possible. October Monthly Horoscope: War and Peace? Listen: Your October Numerology Forecast. These Planets represent Passion and Communication, respectively.

Gemini 2017 Horoscope: Your Astrology Forecast

Because of their different approaches, Aries and Gemini work great in tandem — they get their points across in different ways, but they definitely get those points across. Fevered debates will either spice up this union — or ruin it. Aries needs to understand that Gemini loves a good, fiery argument, not to insult or dominate their challenger but as a great brain workout. Air fuels Fire and makes it spread, making this a great combination.


The combination of true, driving passion and intellectual prowess makes just about anything possible for these two. Both Signs have wide-ranging interests, and the best part is, at the end of a long and active day, Aries can come home and tell chat-hungry Gemini all about it!

Another great dynamic between these two Signs is their low level of competition. Aries loves the glory and Gemini is perfectly happy to be in the background, pulling the strings. Their ability to work together as a single unit.

Together they can learn much more than either Sign would alone. Looking for guidance? Consult a spiritual advisor now. Angel Communication, Angel

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