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They are not always able to live their dreams, though, as a foreign force will most likely interfere with it, one they are not able to influence. Their abilities and life position make them ideal to be a manager or leader of associations or even society. They act incredibly fast and go straight towards their goal.

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They are also gifted with ability to concentrate, but they can still be far from achieving their goals and satisfying their ambition. Their mind, although very clever, has tendencies for pessimism and looking for bad sides in everything. Their flaws — lack of faith in themselves and egoism. They sometimes talk too much, exaggerating their cares and troubles.

They are not quick to explode with anger.

January 21

But when their rights or business are disrupted, they react passionately and can fierce in their threats. Everything in their life depends on the environment they were born into and their heritage — for they blindly follow the inherited impulses and for the most part are unable to adapt to others or show the needed discretion. What threatens them.

When they follow the opinion of the masses and seek approval — they move away from their life goals and stray, which can make their whole life unnatural. When it happens, they will not achieve their intentions and goals.

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It might happen that they succumb to illusions in the life, with great hopes and insignificant results. Not an easy sign, because it symbolizes menial work, the working class, the work related to public health and hospitals. In fact, Virgos have a very privileged concrete intellect, and is capable of minute and laborious work - brilliant - I would say. The Virgo governs domestic animals and veterinary terms is not uncommon in this sign, as well as a general practitioner.

Their qualities are the internalization, adaptability, the ability to perform calculations and analysis.


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Has much logical sense and insight and a practical spirit. Are efficient, practical and resourceful to do their job with much responsibility without being charged.

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