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Overall, Horses are naturally healthy. But it can be worrisome if they force themselves on without proper rest. Pulling all-nighters is a habit and they continue working even during holidays.

Year of the Horse: 2020 Horoscope (Zodiac Horse Fortune & Personality)

Horses must create and stick to a more manageable routine if they wish to maintain their health. The Year of the Rat will prove troublesome for the Horse. The promise of fortune from the previous year has passed, and it will be a struggle to get through this one. Because the Horse and the Rat are not compatible, problems will appear around every corner. To combat this misfortune, perform good deeds throughout the year, such as community service or random acts of kindness.

Although bad luck is on the horizon, the Rat does bring success to all.


If you get the chance, take it immediately. In the workplace, Horses will need to exercise caution.

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As easily angered individuals, it is best to steer clear of the things that irritate you. Inevitably there will be some unavoidable problems but try hard to keep your cool. If offered, take workshops for communication and better relations in the office. Team-building exercises are great for encouraging positive relationships in the office. Escape rooms are becoming a mega-hit for this purpose, but even simple luncheons will suffice. When in a sticky situation, remember to speak clearly with compassion and regard for the people involved.

To succeed this year, you will have to work well with your colleagues. The Rat will send you blessings if you can combine your efforts as a group. Paying close attention to legal issues in the workplace will be necessary this year.

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Stay on track, keep your emotions on the down low, and be a team player. Unfortunately, luck is not on your side this year. In your schooling, you will have to work extra hard to succeed, and you may face some unseen challenges in the classroom. Anything could be a cause for concern, from final tests to research papers. A professor might even push your buttons a little too much. The temptation to go at it alone will be high; however, joining up with a study group or friends in the same major will elevate your output.

With bad luck, it is best to surround yourself with others. Additionally, they will be able to help edit papers, create study guides, and boost your morale. Never underestimate the power of a good colleague! In terms of health, Horses will have a mediocre outlook for the year. Horses do have one thing going for them; as one of the healthier zodiacs, they can spin their bad luck for the better. Be careful to avoid burnout from a crazy work schedule. Even though your energy is high and you can work through the night, too much effort will cost you. Without a regular sleep schedule, everyone is prone to illness.

This year, anything from the flu to digestive problems will be cause for concern. For elderly Horses, hip and feet problems will be bothersome. Try to take it easy and rest whenever possible. The love forecast for this year will be uneventful. Horses will not experience much satisfaction from single or married relationships. Single Horses could end up alone for the entirety of the year.

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Instead of suffering in solitude, surround yourself with others. Family is always there for comfort and companionship. Your closest friends will do their best to cheer you up. Who knows?

Horse Chinese Zodiac: Personality, Love, Health, Career and 5 Elements

You might find love within your cohort. Married couples will experience a similarly unremarkable year. As a couple, you will have to jazz up your love life. Dance classes might just do the trick! Try out ballroom dancing or the tango.

Being part of an intimate activity will bring the two of you closer. However, if you are the Horse in the relationship, be wary of your irritability. One wrong word or phrase could create a bad couple of weeks. Try to remember the reasons you fell in love in the first place and all of the good feelings you associate with your partner. That will help you calm your mind and enable better communication with your partner. The Horse has some of the worst luck of all of the zodiacs in However when allied with the element Earth, the Horse is likely to acquire a greater steadiness of purpose and temperament.

As compared to Horses of other elements, particularly the Fire and Water, this Horse is less likely to rush from one interest to another or succumb to boredom and ennui in case things are not happening fast enough. Then again the Earth Horse is quite comfortable being away from the limelight. In their personal relationships too, the Earth Horse is more likely to be successful than most others. Being stable in their emotions, this Horse is capable of long-term commitment in a relationship which is particularly helpful in case of marriage and raising a family.

Indeed, the Earth Horse has a distinctive domestic streak which delights in coming back to familiar pleasures even after ranging far and wide. The tiger and the horse both have active social lives.


Chinese Zodiac Horse

Both will perform charity work. They both want to increase their group of friends and contacts. The tiger man and woman might seem to be the dominant one in the relationship as he or she likes to control situations and is a natural leader. They have a brave spirit.

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  • The tiger and horse marriage too will be romantic and content. However, that feeling might not last long. The horse is fickle and will put everything they have into new relationship. However, their mind changes very easily. Because of this, they will be more reliable in this Tiger Horse friendship.

    At the same time, the horse is energetic and self sufficient and does not follow other people. They are restless.

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    But even then the breakup of the Tiger and Horse match is unimaginable. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Because of this, the horse man or horse woman will likely leave if they feel they are being pushed to settle down.