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The Signs of the Zodiac in German

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Zodiac Sign Names in English and Hindi - Sun Signs

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There are exceptions to this, however. In the cases of Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn, the literal translation from German to English is the actual sign, not the symbol that represents it.

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  • Baby Boy & Girl Names Based on Zodiac Signs (राशि);
  • Remember, too, that the names of the signs are also the names of constellations Sternbilder , literally "star picture" you can see in the night sky of the northern hemisphere. If you keep all this in mind, it will make learning the words much easier.

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    List of Horoscope Name in Hindi and English - राशी के नाम

    To get into deeper conversations about the zodiac, you will also need some German vocabulary beyond the signs. These are relatively easy to memorize because they often resemble their English translations. Share Flipboard Email.