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In jaimini astrology , there are various karakas for different things.

The amatyakaraka is seen as a significator of your career. Pay importance to combinations which are occurring in the D1 as well as the D10 chart. These combinations are important. For e. This means there is a strong possibility that your career has to do something with this sign. See if a planet is vargotamma , meaning if a particular planet is in the same sign in the D1 as well as the D10 chart. This planet becomes very important for your career and can would help you in your career.

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Biblical Astrology Parampara. The Process of Karma. Recommended Links. Visitors Comments. Recommend Reading. If Atmakaraka be in Aries Navamsa, there will be nuisance from rats and cats at all times. A malefic joining will further increase the nuisance. Should Atmakaraka be in Taurus Navamsa, happiness from quadrupeds will result. Should he be in Gemini Navamsa, the native will be afflicted by itch etc. If he be in Cancer Navamsa, there will be fear from water etc.. If he be in Leo Navamsa, fear will be from tiger etc..

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If he be in Virgo Navamsa, itch, corpulence, fire etc. Scorpio Navamsa holding the said planet will bring troubles from snakes etc.

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There will be falls from height and conveyances etc. Capricorn Navamsa in this respect denotes gains from water-dwelling beings and conch, pearl, coral, etc.. If it is Aquarius Navamsa holding the said planet, the native will construct tanks etc. And in Pisces Navamsa the Atmakaraka will grant final emancipation.

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A benefics aspect will remove evils while that of a malefic will cause no good. O Brahmin, if there be only benefics in the Karakamsa and the Navamsa of Lagna and be aspected by benefics, the native will undoubtedly become a king. The combination of benefic and malefic will in this context yield mixed results.

It the Upakheta or upagraha, vide sloka 5 ch. If the Atmakaraka is in the divisions of the Moon, Mars, or Venus, the native will go to others' wives.

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Otherwise, the contrary will prevail. O Brahmin, if the Sun is in the Karakamsa, the native will be engaged in royal assignments. If the Full Moon is there, he will enjoy pleasures and be a scholar; more so if Venus aspects. If strong Mars is in Karakamsa, he will use the weapon spear, will live through fire, and be an alchemist.

Should strong Mercury be in Karakamsa, he will be skillful in arts and trading, be intelligent, and educated. The positions of planets with reference to the KL, as well as the position of KL in different houses in the Navamsa chart, have been described in great detail by Maharshi Jaimini. Lagnamsa refers to the body and the physical and-or material benefits the native may attain in the current lifetime. Due to its relation to the Navamsa of the AK, the KL always refers to the soul, spirituality and the evolution of the soul into the next lifetimes.

Benefics in trine to Svamsa always produce auspicious results, whereas malefics in such positions may be challenging, but not in all circumstances.


Benefics in strength occupying or aspecting both Lagnamsa and Karakamsa lagna bring raja-yoga results without a doubt. Raja-yoga is formed if benefics are either in or aspecting the 10th house from Lagnamsa or Karakamsa. Those well-versed in mantra-sastra, for example, have strong malefics in such positions. Further to the above, expertise in spells and occult knowledge occurs when malefics in strength are in trines from Svamsa.

One malefics gives knowledge of mantra, two malefics indicate knowledge of various mantras, while more than two malefics gives knowledge of yantras and tantra Tantric-yoga.