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Mixing work and family should be avoided this month stoner Pisces. This can be accomplished with proper time management. Go with your gut; trust your intuition to guide you smoothly ahead.

Everything will be revealed by the end of the month. Rank 2: Pisces Stoner Horoscope July Positive cosmic winds support a sort of choose-your-own-adventure in the second summer month. Soak up the sun stoner Pisces! This solar kick will be the catalyst to achievement, determination, and creativity required to forge your own path. However, be forewarned stoner Pisces: Too much time soaking up those solar rays will leave your cosmic space suit depleted.

Care and attention must be paid on internal requirements as well as terrestrial adventures. Do it all! Get out and enjoy smokey adventures under the summer sun, and then kick back with a nap. Play hard with cannabis companions and rest well. Wash, rinse, repeat. During this all-you-can-eat adventure buffet of July, be forewarned: Anything you want does not include close interpersonal relationships.

If your energy starts to overwhelm cannabis companions, tone it down, and think it out. Puff puff pass on demands of others. Thoughtful self control will come in handy.

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The energetic boost in July could give you solar super powers. Use them for good stoner Pisces. At work, you could become the MVP of the team. Within your smoke circle you could become the partner-in-chronic everybody relies on. Within the work sphere, opportunity for advancement will present itself this month. The Moon governs all kinds of cycles; you've probably The Sun. Just as the sun is the center of the orbit of all the planets in the solar system, it's also the center of you -- your inner fire, the vital energy that will run through you your whole life.

It represents your basic, core personality, separate from all the other influences that drive you. The Sun moves into Pisces so it's a great time for creative, spiritual or intuitive endeavors.


The Healing Art of Reiki. Special dates where you may be happy to be alive, or feel especially blessed include January 22 and 26, March 21, May 9, July 25, August 8, September 29 and November 13 and These are also great dates for a date night too, as romance is also highlighted. Positive developments in relation to children will also be possible. Your dreams about happiness or children may be in flux when Jupiter squares off with Neptune in January, June and September, and you may question what makes you happy.

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You may let go of dated habits to do with relaxation and pleasure and instead explore new ways to unwind and recharge. Your experiences and expectations with love may shift; if so, be open about the changing dreams in your heart, and actively explore how you could create a connection that truly feeds your soul. Feel and then share or connect from that place. You may be restless with routine or impatient for exciting action when Mars tours Aries from January 1 — February This energising cycle may prompt you to make a wild choice, or finally book a trip you have been thinking about.


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If study, writing, teaching or publishing has been on your mind, you may move forward with plans on these topics too. Your enthusiasm and motivation to chase a special life dream may be sky high. If so, stretch outside your comfort zone.

A leap of faith can pay off in more ways than you could have dreamed, especially near January 26 and February One catch that may slow you down in is the longer trend of Saturn in Capricorn, until December which highlights work and daily responsibilities, like commitments to family and your health. You may need to opt for smaller or short term adventures so you can honour your obligations. Or, you may need to be supremely organised with planning, scheduling and time management so you can accommodate both what you want to do and what you have to do. A clear sense of priorities, and in what order you plan to focus on each of your dreams, will help set you up for success.

This will be especially important when Mars tangles with Saturn and Pluto on January 21 and February 2. Your social life buzzes with invitations and you may spend more time with friends from March 31 — May 16, May 21 — July 4. A series of planets, including Mars, the Sun, Mercury and Venus visit Gemini and your 11 th house of friendships then, activating your social life and helping you connect with a likeminded group, community or organisation. May 9 and 14 look especially exciting.

You may connect with a group of people interested in the same thing as you, or take charge to organise a get together with friends. Others might see you as a leader, and your passion for a collective or community project can inspire you to organise a movement or participate in a fund raiser. Your desire to connect and give back may reach a peak on May 6, June 11 and If so, a big push you make then can have a profound impact.

The last in a longer series of eclipses in Leo happens on January The two years leading up to that eclipse have brought exciting breakthroughs and discoveries in your personal life, and have hopefully helped you learn more about the person you want to be. A revelation or insight that arrives near the lunar eclipse on January 21 may be the missing piece you need to better understand your journey and what you need to move forward.

You also have Mercury on side in Leo from June 27 — July 19 and August 12 — 29 to help you develop your communication skills.

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Extra time to review, reflect and reconsider your options will be ideal. If possible, delay finalising a decision until the August period. Confident Mars can give you extra courage and drive when he tours Leo from July 2 — August This once in two years cycle can help you take charge to put your priorities first. You might start a new fitness program or eating plan, or set up a schedule to develop a pet project.

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Plans may change unexpectedly, especially in relation to a career development — for you or a partner — when Mars and Uranus square off on July Change can bring freedom when you least expect it. July 25 may be especially lucky; you may get a confidence boost or receive a well-deserved compliment as Mars and Jupiter join forces then.

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Taking a break or giving yourself a chance to rest and recharge will be important when Mars visits Cancer and your 12 th house of retreat from May 16 — July 2, and during the solar eclipse in Cancer on July 3. Physical energy levels maybe low; if so, use this as your guide to unwind and catch up on sleep.

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Mars dives into your rest sector just before you begin a new two year action cycle, so take the chance to recharge before you dive into something new. Quiet alone time during this time can give you the space you need to reflect on and integrate events of the past two years. You may realise you need a little healing about something hurtful, or that you are ready to make peace with a past experience. You might remind yourself of how much you have grown and evolved in this time, and take note of the new you that is emerging.

As you pull back from daily life — you might prefer a lighter schedule, or want more time alone and at home — your awareness of energy and the spiritual realms may grow.