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Strength Tarot Timing

Shaurya Shandilya. Priyanka Lakshmana. Aspiring Director Bengaluru, India:. The Four of Wands, if we are reading reversed, is one of those cards of opportunity in the Tarot. It sounds alarming -- balance is tested, conflicts at home -- but if we see it as a warning or advice, there's a great chance for growth here.

While we study the self this month, communication, both internal and external, is essential. This week's card warns that efforts to communicate may suffer, and harmony in close relationships will be disrupted as a result.

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It is nearly impossible to exercise emotional control like the King of Cups last week's card all the time. Instead of fearing being out of control, we can use moments of conflict to learn more about other people's perspectives, and practice our communication skills, just as the Lovers exercise encouraged us to do inside the self at the beginning of the month.

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Additionally, as we make changes internally, we need to figure out how to assimilate those into our external world so that others know our needs have changed. Make a simple chart to study how your needs align with others' needs. Here's an example of one that I designed for my Communication Ritual Kit:. Consider what you need in the four categories of this chart. In the ME column, write key words that describe those aspects of yourself. Choose a person with whom you desire better communication.

Assume nothing -- if you do not know an answer, take steps to discover it with the other person. Do not place judgement on anyone, including yourself. After you have filled in both columns, compare the results, considering similarities and differences. If you discover an opposition in characteristics, spend more time meditating on the other's perspective.

How might you change the way you interact so that the other person feels validated and conflict is avoided? How might you better express what works for you?

January 21, 2019 Daily Tarot Reading All Signs

The disrupted harmony indicated last week by the reversed Four of Wands leads to a general atmosphere of doubt this week. There's a feeling of negativity in this inverted Sun card, like something's standing in the way of happiness. Growth is temporarily stunted. Even if problems can't be solved right away, we can take steps to boost our confidence and ability to persevere. It's an opportunity to pause and assess needs so we can progress in a more informed and secure manner. As our theme for the month suggests, life is a balance of dark and light.

Each half of this whole makes the other more clear by comparison. What can be learned while in the shadows? Think about the last time you experienced success on any level. Make a list of your qualities that allowed that to happen. What fuels each of these qualities?

How can you connect with that energy now? The King of Swords offers a suggestion for progress after recent self-doubt and the stalled feeling from last week's reversed Sun card: Problems can be solved with the application of the intellect. A calm and focused mind enhances our ability to find the truth. Especially with this month's hyper-awareness of internal balance, the King of Swords' decisiveness can cut straight through the clutter when opposing parts of the self are in debate. But how exactly do we achieve mental clarity?

That can be easier said than done. Meditation is one helpful way to remove barriers in the mind, but here's something to try for those of us needing a more active method:. Allow all your feelings to come to the surface. Even though your choices are yours to make right or wrong , the answer to this question greatly affects how you respond.


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